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Our Philosophy

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Our Commitment

Wholesome Alchemy isn’t just our name.  It is a commitment to crafting magically wholesome, healthy products, and educating & supporting OUR world to live a wholesome and healthy life.

We strive to live with compassion, kindness and empathy; to be environmentally sustainable and to improve the lives of all beings, while also being charitable and giving back to our global community.

We donate 15% of our profits towards funding and developing schools and education in West Africa, with the knowing that we will expand into other countries as time continues and our company grows.  

Peace of Mind Oil Blend

"I can say without hesitating that Courtney is my favorite yoga instructor. She has an absolutely serene energy that always transports me to a peaceful, sacred place within myself. I'm certain anyone who knows Courtney will say their time in her presence is an absolute gift, I whole-heartedly encourage anyone who has the opportunity to fully-embrace any wisdom and teaching she has to offer to this world :) "

Lucy Dawson

"I absolutely love yoga classes with Courtney. She is very knowledgeable and her classes are challenging while she also offers plenty of adjustments if needed. She is a phenomenal teacher. As a person she is warm, welcoming, caring and authentic. I would highly recommend her classes and the retreat!"

Erica Blackbear

"Courtney is a gifted yoga and meditation teacher. She has up-leveled my entire spiritual practice through her teaching and way of being. My ability to stay present in meditations and day to day life has tremendously improved since practicing with Courtney. I highly recommend Courtney to anyone who is looking to improve their spiritual practice through yoga and/or meditation."

Ali Abouzalam

"On every occasion I’ve encountered her, she’s been very consistent; grounded, peaceful, kind, selfless, joyous, steadfast, open hearted, strong, courageous, authentic, humble. It is these same qualities, and more, that carry over in Courtney’s passion for the art of yoga, and her excitement in sharing this medicine with everyone indiscriminately, that stands her with the best of them!

Christopher Robbins

"Courtney is an incredible Being, teacher and friend. She has demonstrated a powerful ability to create and hold sacred space acting as a vessel for Divine Love and Creativity. All who join in this experience will be blessed and nourished!"

Amanda Ray McCray

"I absolutely love Courtney’s yoga classes. She’s very knowledgeable and kind. I always feel so held and safe in her classes. Her classes are rejuvenating and centering. I highly recommend working with Courtney! "

Lana Ishka

"Courtney is a delightful, warm person and teacher who is deeply skilled in yogic practices. I can always rely on Courtney to create a practice space where my body can be open and receptive. Her expertise in Hatha yoga is a blessing to our world."

Karen Boyett

"Courtney is an EXCELLENT yoga teacher and workshop leader! I took her classes for several years when she lived in my community. I love Courtney's energy as well as her expertise. And she is an exceptionally compassionate, joyful, and beautiful person. I encourage you to go for it!!"

Caroyln Gruchy

"Highly Recommended: Excellent teacher of Yoga, excellent leader of workshops and programs, beautiful person. What more could you want for a special Retreat?"

Ruth Buckingham

"Courtney's yoga classes changed my outlook on the practice of yoga. It was a whole body spiritual experience. You left feeling challenged and strong with a sense of accomplishment. The benefits of yoga are beyond measure physically but she also allowed me to get in touch with the inner me, that part of yourself that is often neglected and needs love too."

Ashley Gardner

"Courtney is a sage and bright light who is delightful to work with. She is by far my favorite yoga teacher and creates beautiful sacred, heart opening experiences. Her presence anchors the Divine with powerful centering, healing and uplifting energy. "

Wendy Gillespie

"Courtney receives high marks from me as a yoga teacher. She is centered, inviting, and compassionate. She gently introduces yoga to the new student and leads those familiar with yoga to deeper and more advanced experiences. Her discipline and practice are inspiring to me."

Jane Anetrini

"Courtney is an incredible person and and has a special ability to connect yogis to their highest identity and emotions. Her yoga instruction is personal regardless of how many people may be in the class. She has such well rounded knowledge including a background in Ayurveda and countless hours on the mat delving deep into various styles of yoga. ❤️"

Andrea Vanderbilt

"If you are wanting a truly spiritual experience--- Courtney is HANDS DOWN the best yoga teacher out there. She shows you that yoga is sooooo much more than a physical practice-- truly an embodiment practice and a spiritual experience."

Katie Kline

"Courtney is the greatest yoga teacher I have ever encountered, and I have been practicing for 10 yrs & have my own certifications. No matter what is happening in her life when she shows up on the mat, she is 100% present and aligned. As a being she is all heart, open and connected. She is truly a gift to yoga, as she embodies the true teachings both on and off the mat."

Kristy K

"Courtney is the greatest yoga teacher I have ever practiced with. She is an investment worth making--because it is ultimately an investment in yourself. Seriously-- trust yourself if you feel called, she is pure magic and invites you into the spiritual in a way no one else can. Your life will change at this retreat, I promise."

Jennifer Clark

"I took yoga classes with Courtney a few years back and she completely ruined yoga for me--IN THE ABSOLUTE BEST WAY! For the first time in my life I experienced yoga in a sacred way, through her guidance. I have yet to find a teacher who even comes close to what she offers. She is a true embodiment of the practice and is an absolute gift to the world."

Derik Johnson

"Courtney is real, authentic, and most importantly an embodiment of the teachings. I have never met anyone like her. She is changing the world in a BIG WAY. If you are looking for a teacher that truly cares about you and truly sees all of the potential just below your surface--- Courtney is that teacher."

Kate K

"Courtney has been my Ayurvedic Therapist for close to 4 years. She always helps me recognize areas that are out of balance and how to adjust my food and fitness to support the lifestyle I truly want for myself. Her hope is to help her students learn this information so that they no longer need her- she teaches you how to do this work on your own, which is the greatest gift she can give:)"

Kayla Grant

"I have taken classes and workshops with Courtney for years now, along with many other teachers. Courtney has always been my favorite and assists in guiding me to such a sacred place within myself. "

Courtney Kline

"What Courtney taught me was something I had never touched into before. She taught me how to move within yoga (union), how to stay with my intention and my breath throughout my practice. To feel into the sensations and the essence within myself. To acknowledge that god being within myself and within everything around me. Honestly, it was life changing. "

Chris Townsley

"Courtney's classes are magic and she is medicine. She is open, understanding, compassionate. She loves completely & fully. She touches something deep within you and helps you remember who you truly are. She is a guiding light. She is not afraid of the darkness, or the shadow....she just shines her light so brightly that she guides others through it. :)" 

Amanda Prash

"Courtney is an extremely inspiring being! She has a wealth of knowledge. Anyone would resonate with her offerings as she has a way of making all of them extremely personal. She sees you and wants you to succeed, in a way I have not experienced before. Everything she offers is for all of us, she truly wants us to remember who we are and embody our greatness. "

Charlie Peterson

"Working with Courtney is one of those opportunities that you DO NOT WANT TO MISS. Courtney is an inspiration-- beyond what words can explain. She loves unconditionally and openly, she truly cares and listens, and she embodies all that she knows. Simply being in her presence will change your life. DO IT!"

Kayla Potter

"Courtney is a beautiful soul. I have been her student for years & it has been beautiful to watch her change and grow. Back then there was always this open heart and free spirit, which has blossomed and matured into a wise and grounded soul. She is magical and I would encourage you to attend her retreats if you are seeking a little more magic in your life."

Katie K

"I had the privilege of meeting Courtney in India during our 300 hr Yoga Teacher Training.She turns all her knowledge into wisdom. She is a gift to yoga and to spirituality. She brings the roots through her classes and truly has the capability to guide you clearly on an internal journey. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to practice with her."

Josh Branton

"Courtney is AMAZING. I have yet to find another yoga teacher who can bring me into the present moment like she does. I can’t believe how affordable this retreat is— she is worth so much more and I have a feeling this rate won’t happen again. I could not recommend anyone more."

Kim Peterson

"Courtney is absolutely AMAZING. I took her Ayurveda class and I left it with a much clearer understanding of my body and my being. She has a wealth of knowledge and wisdom and every time I have engaged with her I feel myself growing immensely. Work with her...It will be one of the best decisions you can make for yourself and your world."

Courtney Galliger

"I've been Courtney's student for 8 years & I have never met another teacher who is a more accurate guide to the sacred. She has a way of embodying what she is speaking to and invites all to join her. Truly magic. If you have an opportunity to practice with her or learn from her— do it— I would say if you don’t, you have missed an amazing opportunity."

Sarah Marie

"She truly embodies what she is speaking about and comes filled up with passion. Her energy is contagious and has you knowing that you can do anything you set your mind upon. She reminds you that anything is possible and that you can create your dreams. Investing in Courtney is an invest in yourself and I can promise it is an investment worth making! "

Ruth Hillier

"I can say with 100% honesty, that my life changed because of her. She reminds you of what is within you and within us all. I know that one day Courtney will be THE leading yoga teacher in America because she is wise, humble, clear, accurate, kind, compassionate, caring, and she brings all of that forth within you at the same time. I have never met anyone like her."

Josh Collins

"Just say yes to this life changing opportunity. Trust yourself enough to know if this is a part of your path---and if it is, congratulations because you are about to have your life expanded, grounded, and changed in the most beautiful way. Courtney is everything and more-- your life can only become "better" be going on this retreat."

Finn F

"When I first met Courtney I could feel how genuine and kind she was. I was relatively new to yoga and a bit nervous to attend classes however, she made me feel like I belonged, like we all belonged. She is extremely knowledgable and no matter what level you are at-- she will meet you there. She is a gift to this world and an investment in Courtney is ultimately an investment in yourself. "

Gus G

"Courtney is wise, kind, caring, compassionate, and pretty much every other amazing word can be used to describe her. She is extremely capable of holding space and allowing you to find the answers within yourself. She is a graceful and kind guide. I am a better person because of her. "

Kimberly Prince

"Courtney truly lives a life of service. Every time you engage with her, somehow, she has become more than she was. The beautiful part is that her desire to learn and grow comes from a beautiful place of service---she only wants to be and offer the best that she can. I wish we had more people like Courtney in the world because I can promise you that it would be a better place if we did."

Tia Marie

"I consider myself fortunate to work with Courtney in regards to her offerings in West Africa. She really is an example of the potential of human kind. We have a lot to learn from her. Her language and way of being is universal, because her love is unconditional. I couldn't recommend anyone or anything more. "

Sarah Sullivan

"Court is rad. She is fun, friendly & really wise. I have learned so much from her. She is unique and has a style completely her own, which makes sense because she has more real life experience than anyone I know. She helps you move in the world from a place of flexibility and strength. If you are ready to level up, then this retreat will certainly do that. "

Simon C

"Working with Courtney truly shifts your life. She has a way of reminding you of what you are capable of. If you are needing a little push in your life to step into your greatness, then she is 100% for you. Everything Courtney offers comes from the heart. This is her life's work, to guide others to the sacred. I have yet to meet another teacher who does this is such a graceful way."

Jessica Richardson

"Courtney is an absolute breath of fresh air. She is authentic, compassionate, and kind. Truly the real deal. She has been teaching spiritual programs for a minimum of 6 years now and is clear and accurate ALWAYS. You are worth it (and she is without a doubt). "


Make a Global Impact

If you feel called to join us in our mission for change, then reach out today and let's explore how we can work together to make this world a more wholesome, healthy, and ultimately “better” place for ALL.